Worst bus trip of my life

Since I live in the southern part of Ireland (in Cork), around 250 km from Dublin – the capital of Ireland, the public transport options aren’t very good still, despite Ireland having a booming economy and a fair amount of tourism and foreigners moving here. Therefore I have to take public transport to Dublin Airport every time I am traveling (around 3:30 hours bus trip), since it’s too expensive to take connection flights from Cork and Cork Airport doesn’t offer the destinations I’m going to most of the times.

On the way back from my trip to Hong Kong I had to take the bus back to Cork as always; for the last 3 years I’ve used Aircoach, and I’ve had some minor problems, but I’ve still used them, since they seem to be the only provider that has a good timetable – there’s only really one competitor that offers bus routes from Cork to Dublin and they have fewer departures, that rarely match the flight times, and the trains to Dublin are quite expensive and requires multiple connections to the airport. Aircoach also has been the most reliable so far.

Until now the bus trips have been ok – no crazy drivers or anything like that, but this bus trip has to be the most scary and worst bus trip I’ve ever experienced…

As I had a long flight (around 24 hours on the way back) and a lack of proper sleep, I fell asleep on the bus to Cork and woke up after around 1 hour or so, as I heard the bus was making loud noises, as soon as the bus went too far into the left side of the road (sorry for my lack of the exact word for this). I thought to myself, that this is probably just something the driver did accidentally once, but then it kept going – the bus went into the left hand side of the road and this happened several times in a row.

I was sitting just behind the bus driver, so I noticed he was actually falling asleep! And every time the bus went into the left side of the road, the bus driver woke up and tried to steer the bus to be at the middle of the road. After this kept happening many times, we were multiple people in the bus who were worried, so we talked to the bus driver and asked if he was OK.

The bus driver just said that all was fine, and completely ignored the fact he kept falling asleep. We asked if he wanted a small break or anything like that but he just refused. For the rest of the 2.5 hours of the trip we were just trying to keep an eye on the road and make sure this didn’t happen again. Besides, the bus driver also drove way over the speed limit.

Luckily nothing happened, but I am not sure what could have happened if we didn’t talk with the driver. When I got home safely I straight away sent an email to Aircoach and wanted them to look into this incident, as it’s crazy this could have happened. Aircoach responded back, with what seems like a standard template-response (seen below):

I’m not 100% sure how situations like this would normally be handled, but I would’ve appreciated a follow-up from Aircoach to at least mention once it’s been dealt with, or offer some sort of further explanation. I never requested compensation, a refund or anything like that either, but if this was my company I would probably at least have offered that.

Have any of you had any scary bus trips like this before?

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