The first week in Hong Kong: My new favorite city!

Sadly it’s already been a week since I arrived in Hong Kong, which also means I am already more than halfway through my holidays. I wanted to take a couple of minutes to give an update on how the first week has gone, with my favorite things I’ve seen and experienced so far. I will also follow-up with additional blog posts later on with general tips and information about Hong Kong.

In the first week I would say my absolute favorite thing has been to see the beautiful Hong Kong from above at Victoria Peak – the view was unreal from the Sky Terrace 428 (which is 428 metres above sea level) and I could stand there for days to just enjoy the view, honestly.

Besides that, the skyline at night from the Tsim Sha Tsui Pier was also incredible, where I also got to experience the Symphony of Lights show, which had music playing along with a light show on some of the biggest skyscrapers in Hong Kong Island. If you are planning on seeing this, definitely arrive at least 30 minutes before it starts at 8 PM, as it gets very crowded there! It was also a huge experience to see the skyscrapers from the river, as I took a boat trip with Star Ferry (from what I researched they seem to be the most popular ones). I got to stand at the deck and enjoy the sun and take some amazing pictures as well.

As you probably already noticed, I love skyscrapers, but obviously I also got to experience much more than that. It was very interesting to see the temples; I got to go to Sik Sik Yuen Temple and the Man Mo temple. I also got to go for a day to Shenzhen, which I will write a separate post about.

All in all, a quite eventful first week, but I have more planned for the second week and will also write about this later on here on the blog.

I have to say, even after just one week, Hong Kong has turned into my new favorite city already.

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